Employment Opportunities

Employment Application Download: CMD_Application.pdf

Grill Staff

A grill staff position at Cherokee Ridge Golf Course will have a wide range of duties as it pertains to the daily operation of the grill. The duties of this position start with the important task of customer service and customer satisfaction as it pertains to the beverages and food served here at the golf course. The main areas a grill staff member will be working is at the counter in the Grill on the Green, as a food runner which will be responsible for quality and consistency assurance, cooking detail or providing service on the beverage cart.

Full Details:  docGrill-Staff.doc

Maintenance Staff

Members of the golf course maintenance team will work with the Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent and Equipment Manager to ensure proper care of the course and use of golf course equipment. This includes daily maintenance and care of the entire golf facility as well as renovations and improvements planned and designated for completion.

Full Details:  docMaintenance-Staff.doc

Golf Shop Counter

The golf shop counter staff is an essential part of the experience of the golfers and golfers are the cornerstone of our operation. This position requires managing simultaneous tasks as getting golfers called to the first tee on time and ringing in golfers will all happen at the same time. The counter staff has many duties throughout a shift and depending on the shift, some duties will vary. There are three different shift possibilities for counter staff: Open, mid and closing shifts all start at different times and while many of the demands will be similar there are specific demands in each role that don’t necessarily relate to the other counter staff roles. It is important to understand how all of the roles fit together so that there is a general direction each staff member is headed each day from the opening of the golf shop to the closing that evening.

Full Details: docGolf-Shop-Counter.doc

Outside Services

While the recreation of golf itself requires little help from staff at the golf course, all of the peripheral parts of golf require help to keep them efficient and effective as they are a benefit to the golfer and an asset to the facility. The outside services position deals with all of the things a golfer uses to play, practice and enjoy their experience at the golf course. Golf car rentals, range ball usage, neatness of the golf course and the facility play an important role in attracting new customers and retaining good patrons.

Full Details: docOutside-Services.doc